Joyce Joumaa

Joyce Joumaa is a video artist based in Montreal. After growing up in Tripoli, Lebanon, she pursued a BFA in Film Studies at Concordia University. Her work explores the political phenomenology of language, post-colonial education and video documentation as a fictional archive.  She is the recipient of the 2021-2022 Emerging Curator Residency Program at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. 

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2018, Video
A representation of Trump's latest decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The decision remains a photoshop work and Jerusalem will always be the Capital of Palestine.

2018, Video
Exploration of boredom in relation to exile.
Text by Souhaib Ayoub

2019, Video
During meetings that are held at the United Nations, speeches in foreign languages are heard by the attendees through a simultaneous interpretation – a process which attempts to translate on the fly and without breaks what is being said. The core identity of the speaker's performance is replaced with the mechanical voice of the interpreter, denying any correlation between words and emotions. This video explores the tension between the real voice intonation of the speaker and the one of the translator while questioning how such a phenomenon can affect the cognitive and emotional reception of world leaders who are responsible of resolving global political issues. Speech written and performed by Nadia Mourad Basee Taha at a UN General Assembly.

2018, Video
A reflection on the notion of Electoral Photogeny within the context of Lebanese parliamentary elections in May 2018 and the campaigns that followed.

Electoral Photogreny is a term introduced by Roland Barthes in his book Mythologies.