Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto
Neither on Land nor at Sea

“Gestures of Untranslatability” is a one-week module of workshops, presentations and collective activities, conceived after an invitation by UNIDEE Visiting Curator Chiara Cartuccia’s two-year long project Neither on Land nor at Sea. Meeting by the Mediterranean Im/Possible, hosted by UNIDEE Residency Programs and Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy. It takes place from December 11 to 17, 2024.

Conducted by curator, editor and translator Virginie Bobin and artist, film-maker and educator Vir Andres Hera, Qalqalah قلقلة’s module departs from the geographical framework of Neither on Land not at Sea to problematize our situated relationships to the languages we speak, learn, or lose, from both political and affective perspectives. How could we deterritorialize our uses of languages, while acknowledging both the relationships of domination and extraction that they sustain; and their potential to forge paths for deviation, commoning and resistance? During the module, we wish to experiment with collective modalities of writing, translation and editing (texts, images, sound, etc); and with translation and untranslatability as gestures and methods to critically investigate language(s). We will also ask how fiction and storytelling can help us to articulate heterogenous and minor positions with modes of collective enunciation; and shake up identity and linguistic categories. Lastly, we will reflect on the formation of collectives as spaces of care (shelter) and as spaces of risk (conflict) where diverse, heterogenous positions come in contact, affect each other, and transform each other while generating bonds and alliances in the face of shared struggles.

With Noemi Alfieri, Omar Al-zo’bi, Tewa Barnosa, Emma Ben Aziza, Diyae Bourhim, Allison Grimaldi Donahue, Danae Io, Joyce Joumaa, Assel Kadyrkhanova, Nona Markarian, Engy Mohsen and Thais Akina Yoshitake Lopez.

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