Sites of Embodied Silence

Curator Joyce Joumaa

How can we imagine Silence and its various forms of embodiment? Can it be considered a political statement? Can it be claimed as a form of resistance?

Sites of Embodied Silence deals with silence as being the prominent mainstream response to contemporary socio-political tensions and ‘corrections’. By critically engaging with the term and rethinking its contextualization, the exhibition introduces the viewer to different forms of embodied Silences through artists’ experience with the subject.

Be it considered as an agonizing void, as a tool of resistance in face of personal trauma, as a refuge in the realm of pacifism, or as an affective object re-stressed into discourse, silence emerges visually-embodied and claims space. To enter these sites to “play” with silence, is to make it the object of a performative experience brought to light while reconciling what has been concealed.


This exhibition was part of Art Matters 2019 and Art Souterrain Festival