Guest Artist - Storage
Conceived by Hannah Strauss 

Storage: an iterative publishing site that is a coat, where work is developed conversationally.

From a longer string of connected works that I worked on first as part of my MFA thesis (Diggers’ Valentine) – a text, print, and drawing project that involved writing and drawing responsively to archival materials and interviews about the mining town of Kleinzee; this project was then extended as part of a residency. I worked collaboratively with Elliott Elliott on the construction of a coat made entirely out of pockets (meant to be storage, shelter, bookshelf, archive) and then invited Ivetta Sunyoung Kang to write a text meant to be housed in the coat and which responded to one of my own texts. These two texts were stored in the pockets of the coat, which visitors to the exhibition were invited to look through and read while wearing the coat. After their exhibition at Atelier Circulaire I kept thinking about those two collaborative processes as kinds of translation, relay, or conversation. I decided to extend the project again by inviting three artists (Joyce Joumaa, Brandon Brookbank, and Diyar Mayil) to respond to Ivetta’s text by making some object to the dimensions of one of the pockets of the coat.

Text by Hannah Strauss 


Photo Credit: Alignement