A Study in Protection, Zine

“A study in protection” is an attempt to explore the ways through which one expands acts of protection towards the land. The series portray the movements of Antonios Mikhael, taken out of VHS footage, as he takes care of the land he is now cultivating. For 25 years, he served as a border agent on the Palestine/Lebanon borders, a time during which the land got invaded and occupied. Where does the protection of borders lie in shaping our understanding of the land and the care that it requires for it to survive as well as for it to be protected? By looking at those images, I suggest an attempt to indentify the time that elapsed between his military work and the time where it became a personal mundane work where the motifs of the act itself didn’t change. The urge of protection and care is thus one that fluidly moves between time and space, while questioning how it moves from political care towards instintictive care.

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