Conversations in Exile


About the piece:

Written during his exile in Finland back in 1940, Conversations in Exile is a play by Bretolt Brecht that revolves around a conversation between two refugees sitting in a bar, reflecting over both their personal and geopolitical states.

Brecht, who can be considered as the father of political theatre, believed in the active participation of the audience and tried to recontextualize the notion of spectatorship. The suspended papers that hold excerpts from the play, suggest a disturbance of the classical experience of spectatorship.

Both the refugees and the space will meet through the common existing exilic state from which they suffer.

About the Project:

Seed Bomb is an art intervention that worked as public consultation for the neglected Canadian Pavillion of Expo 67. It is a collective exhibition of Montreal based artists who raised questions on the state of the space through their artistic practices.

The project was initiated by The Alternative UK & Denmark, Entremise, Montreal and the Concordia Faculty of Fine Arts.